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Mon Feb 01, 2016 10:16 pm by Raine Bellerose

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    Kalina's Lore

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    Kalina's Lore

    Post by Raine Bellerose on Mon Feb 01, 2016 10:16 pm

    United by one common ground, the three kingdoms of Kalina strive for a better tomorrow. With uncertainty clouding the future, they have begun recruiting specially trained forces to join their ranks in the pursuit of knowledge and a closeness with our magical foundation. Lurking forces threaten our world as we know it, and we are reliant on the new age to stand up and fight with the three kings. This world divided into three sections of beautifully diverse and equally articular kingdoms, welcome all those who wish to join the ranks of those who are willing to fight, be it with strength, knowledge or even art. All abilities aid us in our pursuit against what threatens us. As a new recruit it is up to you to pick from the three kingdoms to live in, and what two magical properties you shall study. Picking one you will study extensively and the other as an aid. Both fire and mind serve as a common ground in each kingdom but all three specializes in two types of magic; Menel, Kingdom of Body and Wind, El Dorado, Kingdom of Soul and Earth and Caer, the Kingdom of Space and Water. Each kingdom differs in their history and belief of how their magic came to be, with each having their own diverse culture, this is our world. Welcome to Kalina!
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