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    Menel's Lore Empty Menel's Lore

    Post by QueenApex on Tue Dec 22, 2015 12:59 am

    Ancient, Menel wavers stoic and peacefully in the sky. Usually cloaked in the abundant cover of clouds, it sits high above the twisting waves of the ocean and shadows the shore line of El Dorado. Though, noticeable by all three grounded kingdoms, Menel is distant and vague and often times overlooked. Though nestled in the clouds the kingdom itself is much different. The people, are most definitely alive and fruitful. The inhabitants here work in unity with their counterpart in magic, and is open and gracious to all other forms of magic as well. Even though the city idolizes the discipline of the body and the purity of the air, they welcome the co-inhabitants that practice the other arts. For those in Menel believe that one magic cannot exist with out the other, and that all magic is sacred. This belief was bestowed upon them from the teachings of the ancient practices of Sairyss. Sairyss was the mighty air dragon that created this city in the sky, and taught this ancient magic to the first King, and the Kings there after.

    Deep in the sapphire of the sky, the kingdom of Menel is nestled. A kingdom that treasures the purity of air and the self discipline of the body. Menel is comprised of abstract masses of land with buildings build on them. Connecting these masses are lengthy bridges and floating walkways. The masses are separated into three main cities, two of which; are home to the kingdom’s schools and the other is referred to as the “mainland. The mainland holds the kingdoms capital, and the Queen’s castle. Smaller masses surround these three; they house inhabitants, small farmers, and other smaller cities. Underneath these large masses of metal and earth are intricate tunnels, many of which drop off suddenly leaving the wonder to fall to their doom. It is said that only the Queen knows the purpose of these tunnels, their purpose remains cloudy.

    Those who live their practices the serene, fair, and sometimes strict rules, though not many, rules. The seemingly serve rules are here in order to remind those the discipline of the body, and keep the peace of the life style. Because of these rules crime is incredible low.


    -Those who steal, shall be whipped. (Amount and duration depends on severity of the theft)
    -Those who inflict pain and grief intentionally in all forms, shall reap the same equivalence of pain.
    - All, deserve the chance of life.
    - All magic is sacred, and all magic should be respected.
    - All acts of treason, and all traitors shall be tried and punished. The minimum punishment is enslavement, the worse being death.
    If you want to become an inhabitant of Menel and serve under Queen Apex, type agree.

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