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    El Dorado's Lore

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    El Dorado's Lore

    Post by Don Aria on Sat Jan 02, 2016 9:31 pm

    The Kingdom of El Dorado is a country dinfined by it's closeness to nature and to the soul.
    The Kingdom is run under the Ruler Don Aria. Don Aria gained his powers from his masters before him and many before which started from the original soul master himself.
    But with the power of the soul comes a closeness to the afterlife so much that death is not a matter of sadness it is simply another stage in life the soul can continue living far after the body dies.
    The ones who are blessed with the power of the earth are more concerned with the here and now and are more level headed in matters. They are one with nature and its many herbs.
    Along with the power of the earth comes the power to improve crop growth in which is El Dorado's main export along with metals and many decorative minerals.
    This is how the Kingom remains in power with their exports being important for the world's food ration.
    El Dorado came across it's power of the soul through King Yamma The over watcher of the spirit world to teach the people the true power that layed dormant in their souls in order to save the people from yokai (corrupted spirits and demonic forces) and to keep the spirit world balanced.
    The Power to control the earth however came from a giant with a body of vines a head of rock limbs of tree trunks and a heart made of iron they people of El dorado watched this giant and learned how to control the element of earth from him.
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