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    Caer's Lore

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    Caer's Lore Empty Caer's Lore

    Post by Raine Bellerose on Mon Feb 01, 2016 9:49 pm

    Listen closely, for this is a story from long ago. The story begins in a very unlikely place, in the basement of a young man's house. The curious man had found a door; a door to another world. He couldn't help himself but to open it, who knew what secrets were hidden behind it? But once the door was open, all who lived ran for their lives. As the world beyond that door was something seen in nightmares, a hellish plane for all but the undead. From the door spilled countless numbers of animated corpses and the world was thrown into chaos. Many lives were extinguished and the world was dyed crimson.

    Years passed as the last shreds of hope wavered. it was at this time that the man who had opened Pandora's box pleaded to God. He said "dear god, please give us the strength to kill these forsaken creatures. I know I have wronged many people, so I wager my life as sacrifice." Suddenly a brilliant light appeared from the sky, the undead touched by the light turned into smoke and disappeared. The living celebrated their first victory against the undead, But when the other beings realized, the man was gone. Afterwards beings began to appear with special powers, as if it was god's gift. They were able to fight against the undead, and so, peace was restored to the world once again. But hey, did you ever once think, whether it really was God who granted the mans wish?

    The land of Caer rests on the western shoreline of the continent. known for its ancient archives it is known as one of the first civilizations to learn how to write and recite scripture texts. Even as much as having records dating back to the formation of the first written languages. There is almost no divide between the schools of magic, seeing as magical talent is the most important to the society. As such, magic is a part of the kingdom itself. Using it for simple tasks, it's treated like a part of life. The kingdom is well built, professionally managed, and overall peaceful. Those who break the laws are effectively dealt with. The buildings themselves vary in shape, size and material. Many Cities litter the landscape of Caer, each specialized for their geography. The most interesting of these cities is Caer's capital, Belan’kaloren, which is home to four of the kingdoms schools. It as well holds the great library, which holds a copy of all of the kingdoms collected knowledge.  University level education is mandatory among those who live here, although most do not mind for the love of learning is triumphant.

    Many different festivities are held in this kingdom. Each pertaining to magic in some sort of way. some examples including The Moon Weave Festival, The Winter Solstice Ball, and The Day Of The Dancing Waves. Many odd things tend to happen during the times that these festivals take place, some even say that manifestations of otherworldly beings can be seen at night.

    ~Outside of the kingdom you must follow another kingdom's laws unless a certain law conflicts with religious beliefs.
    ~Books may never be destroyed, no matter what.
    ~You may never stand in another person's pursuit of knowledge
    ~Disturbers of the peace are dealt with immediately. An eye for an eye.
    ~Treason in any sort of way is seen as the abandonment of the kingdom. As such it will be dealt with effectively.
    ~Killing may only consist by the concept of "an eye for an eye." If the perpetrators  in question have not killed or are attempting to kill another human being, they    will not be punished by death.

    ~If you decide to serve me, please, type agree below.
    Raine Bellerose
    Raine Bellerose

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    Caer's Lore Empty Re: Caer's Lore

    Post by Elliot on Thu Feb 04, 2016 11:21 am


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